Thursday, August 13, 2009

Workouts this week.

So, Bill and I are on our own on Thursdays so once again I biked while Bill ran three miles. I was starting to think last week that three miles isn't a long enough bike ride. We are under 24 minutes now so we keep quite a good pace. This week I decided to do pilates in the morning and then bike ride in the afternoon. If that doesn't seem to be enough, next week I may need to keep pedaling when Bill is done with his three miles. He said he isn't interested in running more than three miles so he won't be increasing his distance.

Wednesday, we had to shorter than normal workout. The treadmill repair man was there at the beginning so we got a late start. We had to be done by 5:30 so Bill could get Jordan to Tae Kwon Do and we could get cleaned up and off to dinner with friends. Fortunately, it was a good workout so I still left hot and sweaty. I did the bike, leg curls with 12 lbs., stairs, lateral pull downs, bike and ball crunches. We only repeated the circuit twice instead of our usual three times. It was a good workout!

Tuesday, we did our usual. I rode my bike while Bill ran three miles. It's getting a little easy for me so I either need to increase the resistance or the distance. I'm not crazy about doing either but if I'm going to work out, then I want it to be a worthwhile one.


  1. What type of Pilates do you do? I have a Pilates rebounder that I haven't used much yet. I think I need a coach to show me some exercises. I think it is more difficult than it looked on television! I read your blog trying to get motivated to lose weight. Good luck with losing. I enjoyed your blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I use the Windsor Pilates DVDs that you see on TV all the time. I like them because it's not too strenuous but I feel a great stretch.