Sunday, August 16, 2009

Still moving....

Sunday, the weather man said the thunderstorms would start around noon and would continue throught out the day. We decided to run/bike @ 10:30 to beat the wet weather. Bill and I were both sore since we didn't even get 24 hours between workouts!

Saturday, it was a very hot day. Tyler had a soccer scrimmage so we were out in the sun all day. We waiting until dusk to exercise. Bill ran three miles while Tyler and I biked it.

Friday, I went to ILS to workout with Bill. We worked out for 55 minutes. I did the bike, girls push ups, bike, scissor kicks, treadmill, lying down flys and curls. I also did one set of 30 ball crunches while I was waiting for Bill to finish up his workout. I worked up a sweat!

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